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Broad Run Group

Professionalize your SMB marketing machine

Broad Run Group specializes in helping SMBs professionalize their marketing operation. Too many small business work hard to perform marketing activities without measuring the results or considering their overall strategy. We help you collect and analyze the data you need to make smart marketing investments, then build a machine to coordinate all your marketing activities under one cohesive effort.

What We Offer

Grow your revenue

understand what drives sales so you can grow revenue faster

hand holding dollar sign

Make smart investments

measure the impact of each marketing activity to optimize
your spend

Leverage your time

build a machine that gives you more control with less effort

3 Ways to Get Started


Marketing Audit

We asses your marketing

machine, then recommend opportunities to grow.

We can hand off the report to

your team, or implement it for you.


Set Up Sprint

We own the process while
working alongside your team.
to implement your highest
impact marketing priorities.


Fractional CMO

We do everything a marketing
leader does, but on a scale
that fits your budget.

For SMB Owners, by SMB Owners

We opened our first business in 2019, the portable storage company MI-BOX of Northern Virginia. As owner/operators, we used multiple vendors—legal, accounting, digital marketing—to help us grow profitably. But we never found someone to help us professionalize our marketing machine. So we made the service we wish we had ourselves.

Our goal is to help other SMB owner/operators grows faster and make smarter investments.

Ray Rieling

Ray came to the world of SMB after managing political campaigns. Ray led teams that won 4 U.S. Congressional races and ran state campaigns across the Southeast. He raised and spent ad budgets over $6 MM per year. As a founding partner of MI-BOX of Northern Virginia, he built the sales and marketing program from the ground up. Ray graduated Colby College.

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For SMB owners, by SMB owners

Ray Rieling
Michael Brophy

Michael Brophy

Michael came to the world of SMB from tech startups. He helped grow the smart home startup PointCentral from $0 to $20 MM revenue in 5 years as head of product management. As a founding partner of MI-BOX of Northern Virginia, he lead the corporate strategy and focused on implementing tech and using data to boost efficiency. Michael graduated from Colby College and in the top 1% of his class at UVA's Darden School of Business.

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For SMB owners, by SMB owners

There are an infinite number of things you are responsible for as a CEO. But you can only focus on a few at a time. Marketing was one of those functions that needed more attention, but I did not have the time or expertise to realize our full potential. Broad Run Group did a great job understanding our business and implementing a plan of smart investments to support our long-term strategy.
Barker Squire, Craneworks, acquired in 2019
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